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What year was Pith Products established?

Pith Products was founded in 1991. 

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Who are Pith’s customers? 

Pith’s core customers are aerospace OEMs, MROs, tier suppliers, and tools vendors. We have spent more than three decades designing and building custom tool cases, storage systems, and packaging solutions for these customers to help them meet manufacturing efficiency requirements and FOD prevention program standards.

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Does Pith Products offer a partnership program for aerospace customers? 

Yes. Pith is proud to be a preferred vendor with print position status for some of the most prestigious and innovative aerospace, arms, defense, and aviation manufacturers in the United States. Pith delivers exceptional customer service and 100% customized tool storage designs that meet their exact specifications – all on faster timelines and at a fraction of the price compared to single order placements. 

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Are Pith’s custom tool cases and packaging products made in America? 

Yes. 100% of our products are proudly made in America at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Ashford, CT, near Hartford. Here, we have the capabilities to design, build, assemble, and globally ship custom tool protection and storage solutions made from metal, plastic, wood, foam and other robust composite materials. 

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What should I know about career opportunities at Pith Products?  

Employees are the backbone of our business. They work hard to ensure everything from single orders to large production runs are expertly understood and carefully crafted to stand the test of time, every time. Right now we are actively hiring motivated, punctual tradespeople and sales professionals with a manufacturing background to join our team in Ashford, CT, a short drive from Hartford.

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What kind of solutions does Pith Products manufacture? 

We create custom tool cases, carts, crates, containers, and point of use stations for aerospace manufacturing applications. Each is designed and manufactured in the U.S.A with top quality materials to house your tools and components with absolute precision. 

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What is Pith Products production timeline? 

Our custom solutions typically take 4-6 weeks to deliver from start to finish. 

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Why should I work with Pith Products? 

Aerospace customers contact us when they need tool, equipment, and component storage and packaging solutions that they cannot buy off the shelf. These requests are most frequently triggered by new product line expansions or the need to meet new manufacturing efficiency requirements at their facilities, including evolving lean manufacturing and FOD prevention program protocols. Pith’s customers benefit from time and cost savings in scheduling, purchasing, inventory control, and direct labor.

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What are custom shadow boards for tool storage and packaging? 

Shadow boards are custom foam and plastic cutouts used to improve tool control and tool accountability in the workplace. At Pith Products, every shadow board is built to fit. Our shadow boards can be used with point of use stations of any size and configuration, including bench mounts, mobile stations, carts, part kits, and tool kits. They can also be interchangeable and are a smart solution to increase productivity, better utilize factory space, and simplify change-overs in work areas. Our design team has the ability to use your digital pictures to create shadow boards of all sizes and configurations. 

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Does Pith Products offer other manufacturing services? 

Yes. Pith offers professional CNC routering services, water jetting services, and protective aero coating services to customers in the aerospace industry and beyond. The fulfillment timeline and cost are both dependent on the customer’s urgency and project scope. All work takes place in our 26,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Ashford, Connecticut. 

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How do I place an order with Pith Products? 

It’s easy. When you have a specific tool storage or packaging need, our sales team will collect your information and document your exact requirements. Then our design team will formulate a custom solution and create a concept drawing. We then submit your drawing, a quote for approval, build your product at our facility in Ashford, CT, and, and ship it directly to your door.

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