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reduce fod events.

increase productivity and manufacturing efficiency.

Pith’s customized tool and part stations are designed to support lean manufacturing processes and FOD control procedures for aerospace OEMs and MROs. Our stations enhance tool, equipment, and component accountability in the plant during all stages of production. Each consists of hardened shadow board foam within a metal, aluminum, or plastic box or tray. The foam has custom cutouts built to fit your specific needs and the size and configuration of any station. These interchangeable cutouts are typically placed on bench mounts, mobile carts, and racks for easy tool and part transport, and space-saving efficiency.


Ability to easily audit workstations at the start/end of every shift

Allows for mobility of tools, equipment, and components

Stations can be mounted to all types of benches, carts, and racks

Protects and extends the life of tooling and parts, no matter size or shape

Custom shadowed foam cutouts fit stations of any size and configuration

Interchangeability of cutouts simplifies workstation change-overs

Custom ergonomic designs create comfortable work environments for technicians

Decreases tool duplication for POU tools that have medium to low usage

Increases time/cost savings in inventory control and direct labor

Designed, manufactured, assembled, and shipped 100% from the U.S.A.

Custom Shadow Boards

It’s simple: Point. Shoot. Send. Store.

Pith Products has the unique ability to design and produce any size and configuration custom foam shadow boards directly from your digital pictures. This process improves production efficiency and reduces cost for our customers. 

Learn about Our Foamineering Process.

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Pith’s Point of Use Stations in the Real World


Pith is a preferred vendor for some of the most innovative aerospace manufacturers in the United States – developing custom products for OEMs, MROs, and tool vendors and tier suppliers to meet growing demands for lean manufacturing process standards and stricter FOD control policies.

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