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Pith’s team of engineers developed the advanced application of aero coating to meet aerospace OEM, MRO, and tool supplier FOD prevention program protocols. Our professional aero coating services are available to leading companies in any industry where parts and product protection is paramount.

Aero coating, also known as polyurea coating, is used to create a protective and waterproof plastic layer that extends the life of products and components, including Custom Tool Storage & Packaging Solutions. Aero coating is a celebrated solution that makes products highly resistant to water, chemicals, abrasion and impact.

Aero coating has many industrial uses on foam, corrugated, and wood products and components. Aero coating reduces container weight and at the same time, maintains strength, extends the life of containers, and eliminates the cost of a mold for part production. It is also available in any size, shape, and thickness to meet any material handling needs, and colors and inserts are customizable.

All aero coating service takes place in Pith’s state-of-the-art facility in 40-minutes from Hartford, Connecticut. 


Incredible water-resistance

Washable, solvent-resistant surface

Protects and extends product life 

Decreases FOD events

Removes injection mold costs 

Applies to foam, corrugate, and wood

Capable of coating any size/shape product

Available in customizable colors 

Aero coating services available to all industries

Quick fulfillment timelines available upon request

All service completed in-house, 100% in the U.S.A.

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Professional Aero Coating Projects in the Real World

Custom Shadow Boards

Shadow boards are custom foam and plastic cutouts used to improve tool control and tool accountability in the workplace. Each unique design is built to fit. Shadow boards can be used with point of use stations of any size and configuration, including bench mounts, mobile stations, carts, part kits, and tool kits. They can also be interchangeable and are a smart solution to increase productivity, better utilize factory space, simplify change-overs in work areas, and above all – decrease FOD events.

At Pith, we have the ability to use your digital pictures to create shadow boards of all sizes and configurations. This process is easy for our customers, improves production efficiency, and reduces the cost of contracting custom work.

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Pith is a preferred vendor for some of the most innovative aerospace manufacturers in the United States – developing custom products for OEMs, MROs, and tool vendors and tier suppliers to meet growing demands for lean manufacturing process standards and stricter FOD control policies.

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