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Pioneering custom tool storage systems and packaging solutions for globally known aerospace OEMs, MRO facilities, tool vendors, and tier suppliers – since 1991.



Pith Products provides a range of innovative and durable storage and packaging solutions for superior tool management and increased productivity in the aerospace industry. Our custom tool cases, carts, crates, containers, and point of use stations are 100% built to fit – designed and manufactured in the U.S.A with top quality materials to house your tools and components with absolute precision.

Point of Use Stations

Efficiently store tools and components used to support your particular lean manufacturing process or FOD control procedure.

Assembly Kit Carts

Easily transport products from storage locations to work stations for all stages of production.

Finished Boxes & Containers

Prevent tool and part damage and meet tooling delivery and storage requirements generated by aerospace OEMs.

Crating & Packaging Products

Meet specific shipping requirements with custom-designed and manufactured packaging and crating solutions of any size and material, with the capability of Euro-certified bug-free shipping worldwide, packaged to any mil-standard.

Other Manufacturing & Protective Coating Services

Leverage Pith’s CNC routering services, water jetting services, and aero coating services – available to aerospace customers and others, as-needed.

Crating and packaging products

Helping the Aerospace Industry Meet Strict Lean Manufacturing & FOD Prevention Program Requirements

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Pith Products is committed to designing, fabricating, delivering, and supporting innovative aerospace tool storage solutions that improve tool accountability and manufacturing efficiencies in the workplace.

We have a reputation for helping some of the world’s largest aerospace OEMs, MROs, and their suppliers meet growing demand for new lean manufacturing policies and strict foreign object debris (FOD) prevention program requirements at their facilities.

Our products foster faster production timelines and reduce project costs by mitigating the risk of misplacing tools, leaving tools on shop floors or in engine components, or having duplicate tools in the production rotation.

At Pith, every product is built-to-order in our 26,000 square foot facility in Ashford, CT. We have the ability to ship our custom tool protection and storage solutions worldwide and we take pride in delivering our products on-time so our customers can stay on-task.

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Our employees are the backbone of our business, working hard to ensure everything from single orders to large production runs are expertly understood and carefully crafted to stand the test of time, every time. 

Visit our careers page to learn about joining our custom product manufacturing team. We offer a fast-paced, exciting work environment, competitive pay and benefits, skills training, and job advancement potential.


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